Shopify Plus: Who is it suitable for?

Shopify Plus offers a premium service for businesses and large companies with significant sales volumes and an annual turnover of at least several million per year.

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August 16, 2023
Shopify Plus: Who is it suitable for?

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify, the world's leading platform for setting up and managing online stores, offers a premium version designed for large businesses called Shopify Plus. The track is intended for companies with a turnover of at least several million dollars, and sales of thousands of products per year. Among the well-known brands that use the Plus account are "Red Bull", Kylie Jenner, "Soda Club" and more. It is basically the same service that is given to every customer who chooses one of the three subscription routes of Shopify, but with a number of extensions and critical additions for large companies.

About Shopify Plus

As mentioned, Shopify Plus is intended for large organizations and is able to process up to 10,000 transactions per minute. Besides the support for a larger sales volume, the route offers support for putting the store on the air, the accompaniment of a designated representative for each Plus subscriber on behalf of Shopify, and support for a larger number of team accounts in accordance with the size of the company. If the company manages several Shopify stores at the same time, there is an option to gather all the information in one dashboard for monitoring and controlling the stores together.

The flexibility for the organization that chooses the Plus account is expressed, among other things, through the possibility to edit the Shopify code in the Liquid language with the help of the script editor built into the Plus version that allows editing and personalization of the "checkout" page for each individual customer according to the amount of their purchase or Any other parameter, a feature that does not exist in the normal Shopify channels.

Another important advantage that comes with Shopify Plus is a more powerful and comprehensive analytics system than the one available in the regular version, which provides deeper and more detailed insights into the activity in the store.

When it comes to large companies they always have existing systems, and the ability to make them work together is important. Shopify Plus offers integration capabilities with ERP systems and other organizational systems

How much does it cost?

Unlike Shopify's three well-known subscription routes, the price of the Plus service is not well-known but is presented as a unique price offer, which is tailored according to the customer's needs after weighing and evaluating what Shopify does for every large business when it submits an application to join the program

With or without the plus

We at Byteex, an agency that specializes in building online stores based on Shopify, manage, build, and lend to companies that choose to utilize the full potential of Shopify. Among other things, we developed Karma And Luck's Shopify Plus store, which we also regularly support in developing unique features and improving the shopping experience.